Polar Blast

Dry Ice Cleaning Service

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Family Owned and Operated since 1999

Polar Blast, Inc. provides commercial and residential
cleaning services for clients in the Upper Midwest.

ColdJet Aero 75 DX

Our Equipment

  • ColdJet Blasters
  • HEPA Vacs
  • 375 CFM Ingersoll Rand
  • Up to 160 PSI

Ice Blasting is

Ice Blasting is Eco-Friendly


  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • High Pressure Steam Cleaning
  • Mold Testing & Remediation

We Can Clean

  • Building Damage Due to Pollution
  • Conveyors and Airveyors
  • Urethane Injection Molds
  • Printing Presses
  • Industrial Food Machinery
  • Foundries (Ceilings and Rafters)
  • Tanks (e.g. Propane, Anhydrous)
  • Warehouses
  • Fire & Smoke Damage
  • Water & Flood Damage
  • Stone Damage Due to Pollution
  • A lot more. Give us a call.
SCU Series Pressure Washer

Hydro Tek
Steam Cleaner

We're Certified In
Mold Remediation

  • Mold testing
  • Air sampling
  • Swab Sampling
National Association of Mold Professionals